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  • Press05-07-2021

    QuinteQ accelerates industrial electrification from FLIE together with FME

    As of June 2021 QuinteQ will be one of the first development partners of the brand new Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) in Rotterdam. QuinteQ, the Dutch developer and producer of the most advanced, frictionless flywheel, based on ...

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  • Blogs21-06-2021

    If you don’t look closely it almost looks planned.

    Maybe it has to do with something like Karma, or fate, or just dumb luck. How do you join two threads in a life seeming to be headed in opposite directions, an amateur environmentalist with a high tech degree? Take a third generation Boeing...

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  • Blogs07-06-2021

    Introducing our new face: Timo

      As of this week, I was the second “new” face in QuinteQ who will be working for QuinteQ Energy. I put the word ‘new’ in brackets here, because some may already know that I already did some small work for the team before I got...

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  • Blogs27-05-2021

    Surfing life…from epiphany to levitation

    To be honest, university took me a bit longer than my parents had anticipated. I did many things ‘on the side’ that were quite remote from what was in the curriculum. Upgrading the bits and bobs in my PC myself, to stretch it’s life a...

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  • Blogs21-05-2021

    Taking the punches to move the energy transition forward…

      This is the first of a series of messages and updates you will be getting from us at QuinteQ to take you along in the journey of our past, presence and future. We will do that by sharing snippets of background and insights from the p...

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  • Press09-04-2021

    Investment in a flywheel from QuinteQ for efficient energy storage

      QuinteQ Energy from Nijmegen has acquired a unique technology from Boeing for the storage of energy in the form of an ultra-efficient and therefore economical flywheel. To further develop its technology, QuinteQ receives funding from...

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About QuinteQ

At QuinteQ, we have the vision that everyone should have access to clean, affordable & reliable energy. We have taken on the challenge to develop and introduce a high-tech flywheel energy storage technology with the goal to provide an affordable and flexible energy storage solution to support the energy transition. It is our mission to design and build our products with the lowest possible footprint during production, operation, and re-use of the materials once a system is retired.