Hybrid energy storage solution

Enhancing large energy storage systems with flywheels

The problem

Why hybrid energy storage?

Hybrid energy storage system (HESS) allows for the integration of different energy storage technologies to create a system that can provide a range of different services in one solution. The combination of different technologies allows the system to optimize the use of the available energy storage resources, and to provide a more reliable and cost-effective energy storage solution. Combining technologies can allow for an extension of the life of the more sensitive energy storage technologies.

Batteries have a high energy density but a low power density, while flywheels have a high power density but a low energy density. HESS can combine the two to balance the energy and power requirements. Doing so, a flywheel system can help increase the lifetime of batteries in the HESS by acting as a shock absorber and deliver the many small cycles, for ‘grass’ or ‘spikes’.

Applications where HESS can be used are for example for balancing grids and microgrids, increasing renewable energy uptake, reducing curtailment, energy trading, utility sites, events.

how the flywheel helps

Why flywheels matter in a HESS

Flywheels can provide high-power energy quickly, making them suitable for applications that need a lot of power in short periods of time. This can help to balance the energy supply and demand in the HESS, which can help to improve the overall reliability of the system. Flywheels can also help to stabilize the grid by providing frequency regulation services, as well as providing quick bursts of power during high power peaks.
Flywheels have a longer lifespan, less maintenance requirements and can handle more cycles than lithium batteries, meaning they can be a great complement to batteries in HESS. Adding our flywheel to your HESS means an extended lifetime for your battery systems due to reducing the number of cycles that go through and helping to balance the energy and power requirements.

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    QuinteQ Energy helps fossil fuel power plants to play a key role in tomorrow’s green transition

    QuinteQ Energy is proud to announce a Defense Technology Program contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The scope of the award is the test & demonstration of QuinteQ’s flywheel energy storage systems to stabilize and optimize energy systems in land based operations. In line with the Defense Energy and Environmental Strategy (DEOS), it is...

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