Flywheel energy storage solution for military microgrids. Energy Security, Power Quality

Securing military microgrids

Energy security and stability in military microgrids (commonly found in Forward Operating Bases
but also trending to Stationary Operating Bases) are of vital importance for the safety of the base. Additionally, these bases face logistical challenges related to fuel delivery. Flywheels can play a crucial role here today and in the future. These Military microgrids face a range of challenges when it comes to energy management. This ranges from the need to balance energy supply and demand in a constantly changing operational environment, the need to ensure energy security and resilience in the face of potential threats, and the need to manage energy costs and optimize resource utilization. Additionally, forward operating bases face logistical challenges related to fuel delivery and can have limited resources and technical expertise available for maintenance and repair. This makes effective energy management in military microgrids a complex and ongoing challenge.

Our solution

Through our work with the Dutch MOD, QuinteQ has assessed that by installing the QuinteQ flywheel system, the Dutch MOD can save up to 40% on its diesel consumption in a Forward Operating Base. This translates not only in monetary savings but moreover in increased safety and security of the military troops responsible for diesel logistics to the camp. Reducing its dependency on a mission critical supply chain creates a strategic and operational advantage for any military force.

The QuinteQ Flywheel has near unlimited cycling capacity and can function as the shock-absorber and peak-shaver for other storage systems and the energy systems as a whole.
The technology was originally designed and developed by Boeing as a power source for DEWS and as such, QuinteQ is exploring and qualifying the use of its technology as the prime source of power for such weapon systems.

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    QuinteQ makes military ground operation more sustainable

    QuinteQ Energy collaborates with the Dutch Ministry of Defense for a test & demonstration of QuinteQ’s flywheel energy storage systems to stabilize and optimize energy systems in land based operations. QuinteQ has developed a business case which shows a potential saving of 40% in diesel consumption. This has led to the current engagement in which QuinteQ is offered an opportunity to test & demonstrate the performance of its flywheel energy storage systems at the Fieldlab Smart base in Ede.

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