We make electrification possible

We make electrification possible

QuinteQ is the shock absorber in the
energy transition

With the global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and with the increasing electrification of industrial and logistical activities, the grid as we know it is under an enormous squeeze. The default coping strategy of grid upgrades is no longer the optimal solution to solve this challenge. Flexibility and decentralization of energy generation, distribution, storage and consumption is key. Companies and communities will need to optimize their demand and supply locally, and that is one of the key-developments which QuinteQ can help make possible.

Peak-shaving in the energy transition

Peak shaving is an essential part of the energy transition, and our flywheel is the perfect solution for it. With our technology, you can balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid by making optimal use of existing infrastructure that is already in place. This means that you are able to get much more out of what you already have, without the expensive and timely grid upgrade.


Our flywheel is designed for applications that experience frequent high power peaks, lasting seconds to minutes, and is the best solution for the long run. The flywheel is a circular design that can be used for endless cycles and has a long lifetime, unlike chemical batteries that have a shorter life span and end up as waste. We challenge you to rethink your energy storage infrastructure and switch to stationary storage with our flywheel as the best peak shaving solution on the market.


Our main markets

  • Construction sitesFitting your tower crane in a small grid connection

    By peakshaving tower cranes on construction sites with our containerized flywheel, we can offer power solutions to construction projects that struggle to get started due to grid congestion.

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  • Islands & microgridsImprove power reliability and increase your energy flexibility

    Flywheels in microgrids provide energy flexibility, peak shaving, power quality, reduce costs and increase renewable energy integration, whilst also addressing island-specific challenges such as dependence on fossil fuels and grid reliability.

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  • Metro’s, trams & trainsUsing brake energy to solve grid congestion

    A flywheel as a way-side energy storage system for metro’s, trams and trains can regenerate brake energy and provide peak shaving, reducing grid congestion, energy consumption, costs and improving energy efficiency while being a sustainable solution.

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  • MilitaryEnergy security, power quality

    Energy security and stability in military microgrids are of vital importance for the safety of the base. Additionally, these bases face logistical challenges related to fuel delivery. Flywheels can play a crucial role here today and in the future.

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  • Port electrificationCreating space on your grid connection by peak shaving harbor cranes

    We help ports and terminals electrify their operation by minimizing power peaks. This unlocks huge amounts of available power for other applications like charging points, shore power, or more electric cranes.

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  • Hybrid energy storage solution (HESS)Improving large energy storage systems with flywheels

    Flywheels in HESS extend the lifetime of battery systems by reducing the number of cycles, balancing energy and power requirements, and providing quick bursts of power when needed, making them a valuable addition to a hybrid energy storage solution.

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