About us

QuinteQ Energy is the shock absorber in Energy Transition, operating where power peaks are most challenging. With a dual-use strategy QuinteQ caters the civilian as well as defense sector with targeted applications.

About us

QuinteQ Energy is the shock absorber in Energy Transition, operating where power peaks are most challenging. With a dual-use strategy QuinteQ caters the civilian as well as defense sector with targeted applications.

Our mission

Access to clean, affordable & reliable energy

At QuinteQ, we have the vision that everyone should have access to clean, affordable & reliable energy. We have taken on the challenge to develop and introduce a high-tech flywheel energy storage technology with the goal to provide an affordable and flexible energy storage solution to support the energy transition. It is our mission to design and build our products with the lowest possible footprint during production, operation, and re-use of the materials once a system is retired.


Our journey so far

  • 2015

    First conversations between Boeing and QuinteQ founders

  • 2016

    QuinteQ Netherlands is founded

  • 2018

    Secured worldwide exclusive license of +200 patents from Boeing for further development of their flywheel

  • 2019

    Winner Enpuls challenge. Secured funding to build first Dutch prototypes for microgrid applications

  • 2019

    Secured EFRO grant for development and demonstration of two flywheel prototypes

  • 2020

    Secured first Defence pilot

  • 2021

    Secured external investment round

  • 2022

    QuinteQ joins the ‘Make-next-platform’, a Dutch accelerator for manufacturing companies

  • 2022

    Signed LOI with Port of Rotterdam Authority to help the port achieve zero emission operations

  • 2022

    Secured EDF contract to partner in the NOMAD project

  • 2022

    Secured HORIZON2020 contract to partner in the 2LIPP project

  • 2023

    Moved to a new location in Culemborg

Energy transition

Our role in the energy transition

We see that the energy transition will change the diversity of every power system – changing their vulnerability to shocks. QuinteQ will act as the shock absorber in the energy transition. We deliver value for our current and future energy system along 4 lines:


The compact, lightweight flywheel system can be placed almost everywhere, is mobile and will deliver over 350.000 full-load cycles. With a lifetime in excess of 30 years and the system’s robustness in severe conditions and climates (hot or cold), the QuinteQ flywheel is the most advanced and reliable flywheel around.


Over time, the QuinteQ flywheel system will reach one of the lowest levelized cost of storage for short term power storage; estimated at 0,03 – 0,05 euro/kWh cycling cost.


The system is modular and due to long lifetime also applicable for Energy-as-a-Service models; this makes the system in reach and easy to use by small and large organizations and communities.


The flywheel uses no rare or toxic components. The system is designed to have a long lifetime with components that can be supplied by European suppliers. Moreover, the system is designed in such a way that all system components and materials can be recycled.

The QuinteQ team

  • Founder and CEO

    Paul Vosbeek

    "To boldly go where no flywheel has gone before"

  • Founder and CTO

    Wouter Biemans

    "When developing, keep your head cool but your feet warm"

  • Founder and CSO

    Darin olson

    "Startups need people with a tolerance for uncertainty, and a taste for getting your hands dirty"

  • Lead Engineer

    Stefan Hartl

    "Ecological sustainable energy transition now, or never!"

  • CFO

    Thieu Mooren

    "When there is trust, there is growth"

  • Application engineer

    Iris Hijne

    "We're revving up the energy transition - spinning towards a sustainable future one rotation at a time!"

  • New business development manager

    Timo Pauel

    "The energy transition is one of the most challenging and exciting shifts our generation has to make, and we are just getting started"

  • Power electronics engineer

    André Simões Lucas

    "When your work aligns with your values, every day feels like a purposeful step towards a brighter future."

  • Electromagnetic engineer

    Jeroen Goudswaard

    "Don’t cross the beams, it could be bad"

  • Contractor, Profound Engineering

    Johan Rippen

    "Where talent meets"

Working at QuinteQ?

As a rapidly developing organization we are always on the lookout for new and talented people who can help us push our mission forward. Click here for our current job openings and if you do not fit the profile but feel intrigued or inspired by what you see and you feel you can contribute some real value to our team, please contact Paul Vosbeek, paul@quinteqenergy.com.

Investing in QuinteQ

QuinteQ is on an ambitious growth path and is always on the lookout for the right investors to support our mission and help to bring a transformative flywheel energy storage technology to the market. That said, we are not looking for purely financial VC or PE funding with a short-term ROI horizon of a multiple of X. We are looking for investors that have a cultural fit with the company, the team and its mission and provide smart money that also enhances our access to market and technology partnerships.

Please contact Paul Vosbeek for more information.