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QuinteQ Featured on BNR Radio

Following the successful demonstration with BAM Materieel at a construction site in Amsterdam, QuinteQ Energy is proud to announce an additional milestone – a feature on the renowned BNR Radio! This recognition highlights the groundbreaking use of flywheel technology at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions in the construction industry.


In the recent BNR Radio feature, QuinteQ Energy discussed the innovative application of flywheel technology in the construction sector, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize energy storage and the peakshaving of construction sites to help companies avoid the challenges of grid connection.


To listen to the BNR Radio feature and gain insights into how QuinteQ’s flywheel technology is reshaping the construction industry, click here (starting from 08:42).


The feature by BNR Radio shows that QuinteQ’s pioneering effort starts making waves in The Netherlands. We are happy that we could further explain the flywheel concept via this national channel!

About QuinteQ

At QuinteQ, we have the vision that everyone should have access to clean, affordable & reliable energy. We have taken on the challenge to develop and introduce a high-tech flywheel energy storage technology with the goal to provide an affordable and flexible energy storage solution to support the energy transition. It is our mission to design and build our products with the lowest possible footprint during production, operation, and re-use of the materials once a system is retired.