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Construction demo covered in Financieel Dagblad, Solar Magazine and BNR website

The first demonstration in collaboration with Bam Materieel and Van der Spek Vianen has caught the attention of several industries. The latest update brings exciting news as the demonstration receives extensive coverage across various media outlets, including the Financieel Dagblad (FD), Solar Magazine, and the BNR website. You can read these articles in the references below:



Financieel Dagblad (FD): QuinteQ’s innovative use of flywheel technology has captured the attention of the financial world. The FD newspaper featured a comprehensive article on how QuinteQ’s flywheel acts as a sustainable, kinetic battery, preventing grid congestion during high-power-demand scenarios at construction sites. It further descibes the challenges that the construction market currently faces, and discusses the role of energy storage in this challenge.

A link to this article can be found here.



BNR Radio: After a feature on the radio, BNR has further elaborated the story on their website with a more extensive audio fragment and more background info. BNR (Business News Radio) is a Dutch commercial radio station that focuses on news, business, and financial content, providing informative and engaging programming for a diverse audience.

A link to this article can be found here.



Solar Magazine: The article on Solar Magazine dives into the origins of QuinteQ, the mechanics of our flywheel and how this system can help construction companies stuck in grid congestion.

A link to this article can be found here.


This widespread media recognition further solidifies QuinteQ Energy’s position as a trailblazer in the field of sustainable energy solutions for construction sites. The positive reception from financial, renewable energy, and digital media outlets showcases the cross-industry appeal and significance of QuinteQ’s flywheel technology.

About QuinteQ

At QuinteQ, we have the vision that everyone should have access to clean, affordable & reliable energy. We have taken on the challenge to develop and introduce a high-tech flywheel energy storage technology with the goal to provide an affordable and flexible energy storage solution to support the energy transition. It is our mission to design and build our products with the lowest possible footprint during production, operation, and re-use of the materials once a system is retired.