Taking the punches to move the energy transition forward…


This is the first of a series of messages and updates you will be getting from us at QuinteQ to take you along in the journey of our past, presence and future. We will do that by sharing snippets of background and insights from the people behind the company, by sharing some of the amazing IP, technology development and innovation we are applying and how our unique set of talent and technology is coming together in real, pragmatic and proven applications. Introducing the world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage solution, developed by the Boeing company, brought to market by QuinteQ, made in the Netherlands..


The reason I am here and writing this message as the founder and CEO of QuinteQ is because throughout my entire career, I have been looking to make an impact by taking on brave, innovative, unproven but promising solutions and bring them to market. To see them come to life and have a real impact in this energy transition and contribute to the cause of reversing climate change.


My career has been one of pushing big boulders up and over the hill and sometimes pulling dead-horses, some ideas and companies were successful, some failed miserably. But the common denominator in all of them was that there was an opportunity worth pursuing, no fear for failure and giving it all I have. And along this risky and rocky path, you learn a lot. You learn about people, technology, market, timing and most of all, about yourself and that you can and should rely on your own wit and instinct.


QuinteQ to me is the quintessential culmination of what I can contribute to the energy transition at this point in time. In my opinion, there are two key developments coming together at a global scale: for 1), we see the rapid growth and penetration of renewables to become the primary source of energy generation and 2), we are in the middle of an enormous growth of electrification of industrial, logistical, mobility and residential processes. This requires the flexibilization of the energy system where local demand is fed by local generation and storage is the ticket to balance and optimize this system change.


In the larger spectrum of energy storage, there are many different solutions which all have their strengths and weaknesses. I do not believe in a single silver bullet in energy storage but the answer will be a silver buckshot where hybrid solutions are created by the smart combination and integration of different technologies.


What we bring to the table is the world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage solution. A no-friction, super conductive system with ultra-high rim speed, very low standby losses, a long lifetime and near-unlimited cycling capabilities. Consider it the shock-absorber of an energy system which you can beat up and down as much as needed, to smoothen and extend the application of other energy system components and storage systems. This solution will benefit both sides of the meter and will help to make this energy transition less painful for our clients and partners.


For now, I hope you will stay tuned for more updates from me and the team. A team which combines ridiculous skills with pure and authentic personalities, centered around a unique technology core, in a growing market space: a killer combination with which you can take on and succeed in any battle. What you see is what you get and I hope you will like them as much as I do and till then, wishing you all a good day and keep at it, we need to come together to move this transition forward, one electron and one molecule at a time..


Paul Vosbeek

About QuinteQ

At QuinteQ, we have the vision that everyone should have access to clean, affordable & reliable energy. We have taken on the challenge to develop and introduce a high-tech flywheel energy storage technology with the goal to provide an affordable and flexible energy storage solution to support the energy transition. It is our mission to design and build our products with the lowest possible footprint during production, operation, and re-use of the materials once a system is retired.